Friday, September 19, 2008

For Jenn

I used the same ribbon for the bows, but different colors...even though they are twins, they are individuals! I wish this was a better picture...the name is actually purple with a green border...and it's beautiful!!
I have to figure out something to put on the boys...bows and ribbons just won't work!
I hope you love them! I wanted to just mail them to jenn, and totally surprise her, but I suck at keeping secrets! lol!


Jennifer said...

omg!!! OMG!!


JENN, JENN, JENN!! I LOVE THESE!!! I have to pay you for them... you have tell me how much I can send you!! I LOVE Them!!

you are too good to me!! wow!! the kids are going to go crazy!! they love to have their name on things!! This is awesome!! AND if we do move... which we are going to see the house today... which i'm anxious about... but anyway... if we do move this would be great for them to have for their new rooms... and if we don't move... this will be PERFECT for their rooms now!!

you have no idea... i'm so excited and happy... i even got a little teary eyed when I first saw this... I LOVE them!!! Thank you soooo much. they are beautiful!! and perfect... and the kids are going to love them too!! :)

You, my lady, are just too good to me!!

you are the BEST!!

love you!!

OH!! shit... i'm sorry... thank you thank you thank you!! i didn't even say thank you did i?? wow. i love them!! :)


jenn said...

Okay, you CAN NOT, and better not, send me money. I did this because I love you, and I wanted to, just because. Now just email me your address!!!!

forgetfulone said...

Those are so cute! I love the ribbon.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

OMGosh, Jenn your talent is awesome! I love the signs!
What a cool friend you are to send them to EVERYONE who reads you blog, LOL! Just kidding ;} LOL!

That is a sweet gift for your Jennifer!!

Jennifer said...

HEY!! can this day get any better?? We found out we got the house... then I get Trev from school he was happy and in a great mood... THEN when we get the mail, we have a slip to go the post office b/c we have a package... and GUESS WHAT??? YEP!! our day got even better!!

We got AMAZING presents!! Jenn sent us the most beautiful things... she sent all the great signs which are amazing on here... but even better in person!! AND she sent me some goodies too!! GREAT kitchen things!! HANDMADE from the heart!! :) I LOVE them!! They are beautiful and you really are truly talented!!


I love everything. The kids LOVE everything!! and we LOVE YOU!!

xoxoxoxo thanks again!! These are the first new things for our new house!! I'll never forget that!! and i must say i'm very impressed with your PERFECT timing!! :) (among all your other talents!) ;)

xoxoxoxo much LOVE!