Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Little Plants

Here is my seed tray. As you can see, everything except my peppers have sprouted.

These are my cucumbers. So far, they are doing the best.

These are the squash, trying to catch up to the cucumbers.
Hopefully the cantaloupe and peppers will catch up soon!

Sex Ed

My kids are old enough now that they are starting to ask questions about sex. Ryan and Kasi both just had sex ed in school. This is the third year for Ryan, and the second for Kasi. Parents had to sign permission slips, and the kids were told that they were not allowed to discuss what they learned outside of class. This strikes me as a little odd. They give the kids the some information, but then tell them they can not talk about what they learned.

I know they were taught the basics, about reproduction and birth control, but the teachers weren't very comfortable answering the kids questions. I remember being that age, and not knowing who to turn to for the answers to my questions. Eventually I asked my older sister, and she was able to fill me in. These days, kids are turning to the internet. There is so much information out there, and not all of it is appropriate and true. I did, however, find this website where you can ask questions about sex and find truthful answers. I don't know that I want them reading it just yet. They are only 12 and 13 years old. But when the time comes, and they come to me for answers, I know where to go to help them find the answers they need.

The Finished Product

This is the shirt Kasi made last night. It didn't come out too bad. Brandi, of course, loves it.

It came with enough stuff to do three more shirts, so once I get Kasi some that will fit her, we will make some more.

Branid has been bugging me to make a home made play dough recipe, and since it's supposed to rain tomorrow, we might try it out.

At least we got to spend some time outside today.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Need Health Insurance

How important is having health insurance?

Unfortunately, we are finding out the hard way that it is extremely important. I have been having a lot of pain in my lower back, that is affecting my hips and legs. I think it might be my sciatic nerve. I would love to go have it checked out, just to make sure, and maybe get some medicine to help relieve a little bit of the pain. But, insurance through Junior's work is just too expensive, and I am no longer covered through the clinic. So here I sit, suffering.

I can get a free health insurance quote through kaiser health insurance. They have all kinds of plans, either co-payment or deductible. They offer family plans, as well as business health plans. You can get it through kaiser permanente Denver or kaiser permanente Northern California. It doesn't hurt to check out what is available. I am going to look into it, too, because I'm not too sure how much longer I can deal with this. I tried to walk through the grocery store with Junior and the kids this morning, and halfway through I had to go sit in the car. I'm sure part of this is all the extra weight I carry, so maybe losing some of that will help, too.

Tie Dye-ing

Kasi got a tie dye kit for Christmas from my dad. Today we decided to give it a try. I should have read the directions through first to begin with. I had to make the soaking solution (step one) and let it sit for 1-2 hours. Then we had to soak the t-shirt (step 2) in the solution for at least 30 minutes. When we were ready with the shirt, I realized the dye came in tablet form, and it took another 2 hours for them to dissolve (step 3). Five hours later, we were ready to squirt some dye in the holes of the handy little container that holds the shirt. It's what Kasi is holding below. Now we have to let it sit overnight, and hopefully tomorrow she will have made a beautiful shirt. The down side is, the shirts my dad gave her to dye are too small for her. They will fit Brandi, so she'll get to wear it.


I love this School Days Picture Frame. It lets you display your child's yearly school pictures in one beautifully matted frame. Starting with Kindergarten in the upper middle, the rest of the years follow clockwise, ending with a senior picture in the center. This is the perfect Mother's Day gift, or for mother's who are sending their kids off for the first day of school.

I like that it can display all the years in one spot. I have three kids, and hanging their pictures every year gets a little crazy. I just don't have enough wall space. This is a convenient way to keep the pictures organized, and I would only have to hang three pictures, instead of three for every year. Plus, it's a great way to capture your child's school memories.

We've Sprouted!

I am so excited! Yesterday, my cucumber seeds sprouted. This morning, I can see the cantaloupe and squash almost coming through. I don't see anything with the pepper, yet, but hopefully by tomorrow. Ryan is outside hammering my boxes together, so hopefully in a few weeks I'll have plants to plant out there.

Work Online

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Building My Boxes

This is the first of seven boxes the kids are making to plant our garden in. As you can see, Jack had to check it out. I think it came out pretty good. I took pictures of them hammering and posted them here. Ryan is getting old enough that he really didn't need that much help. They finished one, and now have something to do the next couple of days while it's nice outside.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Kids Junk

The past couple of days it has done nothing but rain. You know what that means? My yard is once again one big mud puddle. I hate when it gets like this, because it takes forever for it to dry out again. The neighbor behind us has some trees removed, and that provides a little more sun for us now, but not enough to dry out the grass. I say grass, but I don't know how much grass is left under all this rain water!

Once it does dry out, the kids and I have some work to do in the yard. I am going to have Junior Hauling some stuff to the landfill. When we moved, the kids wanted to take every single thing we had at the old house, which is understandable. We just didn't have enough room for everything to come into the apartment. This meant that some things were left outside.

It's been eight months, and the kids haven't played with any of it. Most of it has been rained on, and ruined. I may need to hire someone who does Junk Removal to take some of it off. I may have to wait until the kids are back in school, though, so I can avoid the tears. I know if they don't see it go, they probably won't even realize it is gone. Hopefully these Junk Hauling people can do it quickly. I only have an eight hour window to work with.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Begins

Today was the kids last day of school before Spring Break. They got report cards today, too. Brandi was straight A's, as usual. Kasi had all A's and B's, as usual, and Ryan surprised me. Last report card had D's and an F. This time, he had 2 D's, but they were a 75 and a 74 (a 76 is a C) and he brought the F up to a C. He went from a 65 to an 82. Not bad at all. I am very proud of him. Well, I should say I am very proud of all of them!

Finding More Space

I need more space.

This little apartment was not made for five people to be living in it. The bedrooms are pretty small, and don't have enough room for all the kids things. I was thinking of investing in some new Beds that might be able to help with the space issue. Right now, I sleep with Brandi and Kasi in the girls room. I want to get Brandi into her own bed, but there just isn't enough room to put another bed in there.

Then I had a bright idea. I would look into bunk beds. Two beds that only take up the space of one. It seemed like the perfect solution. Until I tried to decide who would sleep on the top.

I was going to put Brandi on top, but she is afraid of rolling off in her sleep. I tried to explain to her that the rails would keep her in, but she doesn't believe me. I think she has seen one to many episodes of funniest videos. They are always showing kids falling off the top bunk.

I don't think it's a good idea to put Kasi up there, either. She is so clumsy, she would probably fall down the ladder the first time she tried to get down. Trust me, the kid can trip over lint.

This means I am no closer to a solution. I guess I will just have to accept the fact that we are going to be squished up in here, and that's okay. I think it brings us closer together.

Well, most days.

Birthday Party

Brandi was invited to a birthday party. Her friend Sara has a twin brother, and apparently they couldn't decide on what to to for their party. So the mom let them each invite three friends to go to the movies tonight, have a sleepover, and then go bowling in the morning tomorrow. Of course, Brandi is refusing to sleep away from home, which I understand. I mean, she's only seven. But she also refuses to ride in the car with Sara's mom, so we are going to take her to the theater. Luckily it is right near my mom's house, so while she is watching the movie, we're going to hang out there.

The things we do for our kids...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movies And Music

The last movie I saw in the theater was Twilight. I had to go with my sisters, because my husband hates going to the movies. I, on the other hand, could watch a different movie everyday. I really enjoy movies. I like comedies. My two favorite movies of all time are The Princess Bride and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Both of them are very funny movies. I can probably recite them word for word. I love recommending them to others, and then talking about my favorite parts. I also love when some one recommends a movie to me, or tells me which ones to avoid. Some times I will listen, but most times I like to give a movie a chance.

I will read Drama Movie Reviews that real people have given. I like the opinions of regular people, not movie critics. I don't need to know about how good or bad the technical stuff is, or how many awards a movie is nominated for. I just want to know if other people found it funny, or compelling, or hated it. I love watching movies that other people hate, and then I end up loving them. A friend sent me Young Frankenstein because she didn't like it, but I really enjoyed the humor of it. It just goes to show that what I like may not be what others like.

I also like reading music reviews, even though my taste in music is a little odd. I like country, and rock, and 80's music. It's great because I am passing my love of music down to my kids. In fact, my 13 year old son's favorite group right now is Def Leppard. I think that's pretty awesome.

What A Day!

Junior's therapist was sick today, so therapy was canceled Next week I can't go because the kids are on Spring Break. I guess it will be another two weeks before I can go with him again.

I got nothing accomplished around here today. When Junior is home, it is impossible to get things done. Some days I think he is worse than the kids!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Phone Bills

I remember years ago, I used to use Calling Cards when I made long distance phone calls. I live in South Carolina, and my sister lives in New York. When she was pregnant with her youngest child, we talked every day. This was six years ago. Back then my phone company didn't offer a very attractive long distance plan, so I was paying by the minute. My phone bills were ridiculously high. It was then that I discovered Phone Cards. They offered a cheaper rate per minute, and they were available to purchase at most stores.

Now that I have a new home phone provider, I was able to sign up for free long distance. It's a good thing, too, because now I have three siblings who are long distance for me to call. I still have one sister in New York, I have another sister in New Jersey, and my brother lives in South Carolina, like me, but it is long distance for me to call him. I no longer pay by the minute, so my phone bill is not outrageous. I will, however, still use prepaid phone cards if I have to make international calls. I don't even want to know what my phone company would charge for those.


I was disappointed with tonight's Survivor. I hate when they do the recap shows. True fans have seen every episode, and don't really need the recap. Seeing some of the unseen footage was okay, but I would have preferred seeing a new episode. I guess I'll have to wait until next week.


I am so lucky that my husband is a major participant in my kids lives. He's not one of those dads who has more important things to do than spend time with his family. When he is not working, he always makes time to go fishing with our son, or play games with our girls. I do not know what I would do without him.

I have such an amazing amount of respect for all the single parents out there. I can only imagine how hard it must be to not only work full time, but also parent full time, without any assistance. Luckily, there is a good amount of single parent advice out there to help get them through a rough patch, or for when they need a little support. I have many friends who are single parents, and they inspire me every day with their dedication and patience. Their children are very lucky kids, indeed.

Our Seeds Are Planted



Brandi and I decided to plant some seeds.
We bought canteloupe, cucumbers, squash, and peppers.
We followed the directions on the tray, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll see some sprouts.
I will take pictures to track our progress.
With a little luck, we might even see some veggies in a few months!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Lights Are Down

The weather here has been beautiful. It has been in the 70's the past few days, so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Sunday morning, Ryan and I finally took down the Christmas lights that were on our front porch and exterior shutters. We still need to take the ones off my well, but I kinda like the way they look. Maybe I'll just leave them there until next year.

Ginger Is Missing

I knew this was going to happen. We finally gave up trying to keep Ginger in the house, and let him go outside. He was so happy! Unfortunately, I haven't seen him since Sunday. I'm not sure where he is, but last week he was gone for almost two day, but he came back. Hopefully he will be back this time, too.

Business Loans

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New Header

Jennifer loved her birthday sign so much, that she asked me to make her a header with the same design. Since it is her birthday, I did it. I would have done it even if it weren't her birthday...I'm just sweet like that! Didn't it come out cute? You can really see it better if you check out her blog, a sample of jennifer's thoughts.

Meeting People

I never dated in high school. I had a lot of guy friends, but nothing serious. It was hard enough working full time, going to school, and finding time to hang out with friends. Now, don't get me wrong. I would have loved to have had a boyfriend, but it just wasn't meant to be for me. I didn't have my first serious relationship until I was almost nineteen, and that lasted for over three years.

It was after that relationship ended that I met my husband. I moved from New York to South Carolina. I started working at a fast food place, and met a wonderful woman who set me up on a blind date with Junior. As most of you know, I am extremely shy, and it wasn't easy for me to meet guys on my own. In fact, several people tried to set me up, but I was always too shy to actually act on it. I don't know what made me accept a date with Junior, but I am glad I did.

I hope I am never in the situation where I will have to start dating again. It is easier these days, because there are so many options online. You can find chat rooms specific to who you are, and meet people who have the same interests as you. I found a Senior Chat room where older people can connect with people their own age. Maybe that will be me one day.

Uh Oh

Remember two weeks ago when I went to therapy with Junior? Well, last week when he went, I was worried about what the therapist would say to him about me. As soon as he got home, I asked what she said, and Junior said there was good things and bad things,

I wanted the bad first, so he said I need to go with him to therapy every other week.

The good news was that she thought I added enough to the session that she wants me to continue to come, so I can rat him out about the things he doesn't tell her.

So this is me week to go with.

I'm not looking forward to it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Junior's Hair Loss

Junior is going bald.

I cut his hair myself, and I do it with a shaver. He likes to keep his hair short, and I like it that way, too. But lately, every time I buzz his head, I am cutting less and less hair. It started with a little spot on the top of his head, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. His hair loss doesn't bother him too much. It doesn't bother me much, either.

I think he is worried about the Hair loss treatments that are available. We watched an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 where Jon went and had a hair transplant. It was scary, and to be honest, kind of gross, to watch. I had no idea what was involved. They cut the back of his head, and removed a piece of his scalp. Then they took the hair that was on the piece of scalp and put it on his head. Brandi was watching with us, and started screaming when they showed it. I was close to letting out a gasp myself. The things men do to look good.

Male hair loss is something that most men will face at some point in their lives. I know Junior's dad is bald on top, so there is a good possibility that Ryan will lose his hair, too. I hope he is like his dad, and doesn't get all freaked out about it. I mean, it's just hair.


Look what I found in my mailbox today!

Isn't it precious?

It's my little gift from the super talented Kristin at my art and the mom in me.

She knows me so well...it's an elephant!

Thank you Kristin! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


These days, money is tight for everyone. If you are looking to make a short term investment, check out this 6 month cd rate. You don't need much money, and they are offering an APR that is well above the National average. I wish I had the extra cash to take advantage of this offer. But, right now, we need every penny just to survive.

Birthday Brunch

Today I am hosting a birthday brunch.
This is my contribution...muffins.
I made cinnamon, banana nut, blueberry, and strawberry cheesecake.
Don't they just look yummy!
I can't wait to see what everyone else brings.

New Music

Have you heard about twelve year old Lena?

She is a young lady who has just released her first original song, Framed. She wrote this song with help from Kosta Lois, a veteran Hollywood music composer and producer. You can listen to it on Lena's myspace page. This girl has been singing for years, and it is evident that she is extremely talented. I do want to warn you, though, that there is some bad language in the comments section of her myspace page. Don't let that distract you, though, from her music. I predict Lena is going to be big someday, so go show her some support.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Junior's birthday. The kids were so excited to make this cake for their daddy! The girls helped me bake, and they all wrote on it. Ryan did the happy and the green heart, Kasi did the birthday and blue heart, and Brandi did the Dad and the red heart. The candles are re-lights, so they are looking forward to seeing him try and blow them out. We also have a 4 and a 3 that will go about the happy. I will take more pictures later.

I'm A Little Girlie

Some days I wonder why I was born a girl. Don't get me wrong, I love being a girl, I am just not into all the things normal women fawn over. For instance, I hate wearing make up. In fact, it has probably been about ten years since I have worn any. I just can not be bothered to keep up with the latest ways of applying it, and it can get so expensive. I also hate shopping for clothes. My sisters make fun of me all the time because I hate to go to the mall. I hate the crowds. I hate the idea of searching for the perfect outfit, or looking for the right accessories.

Let's take shoes. I'm not crazy about shoes, but I do own a couple of pairs of cute ones. I know some women who have a different pair of shoes for every outfit they own. That's just not me. I can shop for great deals on Mens Shoes for my husband, or even get some Converse Shoes for my son, but I can not spend money on myself. I know it's crazy. I think it's the mom in me. I'd rather my family have things, instead of myself. If you are looking for great deals on name brand shoes, click this link. You will find a great selection of men and women's shoes.

Now, give me some extra cash and a store full of housewares, and I can spend money all day long. I love shopping for kitchen gadgets, or bathroom accessories. I love things that can help decorate my home, especially elephants. But, most of you know that already. I guess I do have some girlie tendencies.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Look What I Got!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the generosity award?

Well, my wonderful friend kat from
candles, crafts, and whatnot sent me this beautiful pen!

It's made with polymer clay.

Can you tell it's purple and glittery?

I love, love, LOVE it!!!!!

Thank you kat! You are awesome!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

They're Teaching ME

I will admit it. I have never used Wikipedia.

In fact, all that I know about it, I have learned from television. How bad is that?

Now that they have Pocket Wikipedia available for mobile devices, I might be more inclined to use it. It is supposed to be perfect for small screen electronics, which is good, because I don't have one of those fancy phones. I just have a basic mobile. I don't even know how to work half the stuff on there. It's funny, though, because if I need something done, the kids know how to do it better than me, and they don't even have phones. I guess it's from playing with their friends phones. Or maybe it's just that in today's day and age, kids and electronics just go together. Brandi does things on the computer she learned in school that I don't even know how to do. I didn't know what a power point was until Ryan had to do one for class. It's a good thing they are learning all this in school, because I wouldn't be able to teach them. Heck, they are teaching me!

Deep Breaths

I am feeling a little better today. As usual, there were dishes piled to the ceiling in the kitchen, and ten loads of laundry to be done, because I took a couple of days to get better.

Okay, maybe my house wasn't THAt bad, but there was a lot to do, and now I am exhausted. But, it had to be done because the stupid faucet in the bathtub broke, and it is constantly running hot water. Not good for the power bill. So, we called the managements company, and they are supposed to send someone out either today or tomorrow, so I needed to get the house in order. I hope they come today, though, so I can go back to bed in the morning tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Furniture

Junior has been sleeping on our couch for years. It works best for us, because he sleeps with a bi-pap machine, and I can't sleep with all the noise and hoses. We are looking online for home furniture because we desperately need a new couch. I would love to be able to find a sleeper sofa, but they are so expensive. The couch we have now is broken in three spots. I have a recliner I usually sit in, so it's been a while since I've actually at on the couch. But today, because I have been sick, I tried to curl up on the couch to watch television. I sat down, and jumped right back up because I had a piece of wood cutting into my leg. Not comfy at all. I don't know how Junior gets comfortable enough to sleep on it.

While I was looking for couches, I found some beautiful bedroom furniture, too. I wish I had enough money to refurnish the whole house. I'd get everything from the new couch to new bathroom vanities. It's actually been a long time since we have gotten new furniture, and our new furniture is usually someone else's old furniture. I think it's time we buy something for ourselves.


I just took some medicine for this chest cold I just can't shake. This means, for the next 24 hours, I will not be able to put a sentence together. I am going to try and drop my ecards before I pass out, but no promises. I already feel really sleepy.

See you in a few days...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Insurance Quotes

Junior and I have been talking about getting some kind of renters insurance. Currently, we don't any insurance, and I know that is irresponsible. It's just that with our credit, we have a hard time finding affordable policies. I was browsing online the other day, and came across this site that shows you quotes for Insurance in Raleigh. They offer homeowners, auto, life, and even business insurance quotes. It's so much simpler shopping online for quotes, instead of driving around town trying to find the best deals. You can easily find the quote that is right for you, right from home. What can be easier than that?

Still Leaking

My ceiling is still leaking! I just bragged about it not leaking, and I woke up this morning to find a puddle in the kitchen. Again. This is getting ridiculous! I told Junior he needs to tell the landlord that he needs to fix it properly, and not just patch it. We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath.

Kasi's Bad Luck

My poor daughter, Kasandra, has bad luck at weddings. It started when she was about six months old, and we were at my dad's wedding. My sister was holding her, and playing horsie with her on her knee. My sister heard a pop, and Kasi started screaming. An hour later we were in the emergency room, learning that she has a dislocated elbow. Unfortunately, for the next two years, we many many trips to the ER, because it has a tendency to come out of joint frequently. The doctors were discussing surgery with us because it shouldn't have been happening so often. Luckily, but her second birthday, she had healed well enough to avoid surgery, and it hasn't happened since.

Kasi's bad luck continued at my sister's wedding. She was the flower girl, and so excited to be part of the ceremony. I think she was six at the time. About thirty minutes into the reception, she fell and split her forehead open. We spent the next three hours in the emergency room, leaving after they knocked her out and put six or seven stitches in her head.

In both instances, we missed the receptions. Thankfully, my dad and sister both saved me their wedding favors so I was able to have a keepsake from their special day. I am not looking forward to Kasi's wedding day. I think it's a bad sign if the bride spends her own reception in the emergency room.

I Want Out

This is how Ginger spends his day.

Longing to be outside.

Wanting to play with the boys outside.

I used to set a chair by the door so he can sit and look out the door.

Then one day he put a hole in the screen and escaped.

No more chair for him, so he makes due on his own.

Our Leaky Roof

It has been raining for the past few days. Luckily, my roof is no longer leaking. Last week the landlord sent a repairman out, and he found a huge hole in the roof. Not just a crack, but a hole. Junior said he just put some tar on it, and left. I didn't think it would work, but knock on wood we haven't seen it leaking since. I, personally, think they should send out some professional roofers, because there are only so many times you can tar it over before it just won't work anymore. They should contact Roofing Contractors in Springfield, VA to get some estimates, so they will have some idea of how much it will cost. They could even check out Roof Repair 22183 or Roof Repair in Woodbridge, VA. They just need to call somebody. The ceilings and walls in my house need to be repainted, because they have water marks all over them. I told Junior he needs to ask if that is our responsibility or the landlords, because we really can't afford to buy paint, but it really needs it. It looks horrible right now. I guess the good thing is, if I have to paint, I can pick a different color.

Our Stupid Cat

I don't know what we are going to do about Ginger. He is just not a happy cat. He wants to be outside so bad! Today he got out, and it took us a couple of hours to get him back inside. At one point he climbed a tree and went over the fence into the neighbors yard. I hate keeping him inside when he clearly prefers to be outside, but Brandi was so upset when we couldn't catch him. I told her we would find a new kitten that has never been outside, who would love being her inside cat. Ginger was born outside, and has been trying to get back outside since the day we brought him home. Maybe that's where he needs to be.


I don't know what to do about our bills. It seems like every month we are getting further and further behind. We may have to find the best debt consolidation available to help us out. I hate feeling like we are in a hole, with no way out. Maybe I will start looking for a job. With Junior's new set schedule, it might be possible...

Wait For It

I just wrote a rambling, kinda pointless post on my kids blog. Feel free to run over there and read it. I don't know what prompted it, maybe the fact that I am sick, again. I hate this stupid weather! I am soooo ready for Spring. A few more days....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Yum, Candy

I have been trying, for the past few weeks, to eat a little better. I have cut out a lot of the night time snacking I do, and have tried to make better choices when I do eat. I am trying to get Junior to do this with me. He is, however, not exactly thrilled with the idea. He loves his sweets, and the other day, he wanted stick candy. Do you remember those? I haven't seen them in the candy aisles in the stores, so we had to check the bulk candy. I still couldn't find it. I told him we would have to go online and look for it, so we began our search. I was not surprised when we couldn't find it. I did, however, find a really cute candy store called CandiesDelight.com. They have all kinds of candy to chose from, and I gotta tell you, I was drooling a little. I now know where to go to get candy for the kids birthday pinatas, and Halloween. They even have beemans chewing gum and black jack chewing gum. My kids are big gum chewers, so I might have to look into getting some of those for them to try. They are like little guinea pigs; they'll try anything once.

Brandi On Facebook

Brandi asked yesterday if she could have a facebook page. She was annoyed because kasi is always playing bubbletown and scrabble with me, and she wasn't able to. So I set her up a page.

Now she won't get off the computer! I've created a little monster.

I am still debating whether or not to let her have the blog she's begging for...

Van Insurance

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about the problems we were having finding Van Insurance? Our agent told us that many companies won't insure full sized vans because too many people are living in them. When he finally found a company willing to insure it, he told us not to be surprised if they sent someone out to take pictures in a few months, making sure we're not living in it.

Well, we got a letter the other day, saying that the company wanted more proof of residence. We had to bring our power bill, and let them make a copy to send to the company. A few days after providing that, we get a phone call saying they want to make a copy of another bill. We brought our cable bill down there, and they copied that, finally satisfied that we live where we claimed. Talk about overkill! I understand that they have to be cautious, but it was getting ridiculous.

Autonetinsurance.co.uk makes it easy to find the right insurance for you. They will compare quotes, and get you the best deal possible. They even offer up to 70% off van insurance. Maybe if you need your van insured, they can get you a better deal than our agent got us.

My Calender

How do you like this home made calender?

I love it.

Ryan made it for me.

Right now it is just this month, April, and May, but he is planning to do the rest of the year.

He even highlighted the Friday's that Junior gets paid.

I have the sweetest kids, I'm telling you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

He's Growing Like A Weed

I was going through Ryan's closet the other day, and he has outgrown so many of his jeans. I don't know if it was turning thirteen or what, but he has gotten taller, so all his old jeans are too short. Luckily I didn't hem the new pants he got for Christmas, so he has a couple of pairs to make it until spring, when he can wear his shorts. Maybe next year we'll look into tactical pants or sweat pants. He will be wearing adult size pants soon, and they can get so expensive. Do you think if I stop feeding him, he'll stop growing?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Name Ornaments '09

I woke up this morning, and charter, my internet provider, was doing maintenance. Because of this, I could not get on any yahoo based page. That meant no mail, no blog, and no ecards. So to entertain myself, I painted the kids ornaments for this year. I bought these at hobby lobby after Christmas, so I got a good deal. I think they came out pretty cute, especially with the googly eyes. I added a little glitter to each...the snowflake on Brandi's, the scarf on Kasi's, and the hat and star on Ryan's.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Children's Clothes

I have three kids. I know how expensive Children's Clothes can be, especially when you are buying for more than one child. I am all about shopping the sales, and the best deals can usually be found off season. I try to buy a size ahead of where my kids are now, so that next year the clothes will fit. I am finding that the older they get, the longer they can fit in their clothes, especially shirts. I remember buying Babies Clothing when they were little, and they grew out of everything so fast! I have two sisters who are pregnant right now, so I will be looking for good deals on infant clothes soon. I am hoping they both have girls, because I love buying frilly dresses and little headbands. The dress in the picture is the Luigi Little Girls Fun Striped Happy Daisy Dress. Isn't it adorable? I could totally see one of my new nieces in that, if I have new nieces. My youngest sister prefers Funky Baby Clothes for her kids. She has a son, who she loves to dress in preppy little outfits. He is always wearing things that are in style, and if she has a girl this time, I'm sure she will be dressed in the latest fashions. Of course, if she has another boy, she can just dress him in hand me downs. Either way, I am sure Aunt Jenn will be buying the new baby something cute to wear.

Day Off

I am in a bad mood today.

I think it's the weather.

And the fact that my house is always a mess.

And that I am tired.

So instead of complaining to you, I am taking the day off.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Wedding Ring

I love my engagement and wedding rings. They are simple gold bands with a 1/4 carat marquise cut diamond. It's not the biggest or most expensive diamond in the world, but there was, and is, a lot of love behind it, and that is what matters to me. We looked at tungsten rings, but I liked the ones we picked out best. Yes, I picked out my own ring. I know some women like to be surprised, but I'm not one of them. I knew what I wanted, and Junior knew enough to let me have a say. He's a pretty smart guy.

If you are a guy, and you are looking for engagement and Wedding Rings, I strongly suggest that you ask your future wife what she likes. Even if you want it to be a surprise, find a way to get her input. Trust me on this. There are so many different diamond sizes and cuts, not to mention the different bands available. My sister and her husband got titanium wedding bands, and they love them. My mom had white gold bands, and that is pretty as well. I'm sure whatever you decide on will be perfect, because it is a symbol of your love, and that is the most important thing.

I Want To Win!!!!

Okay my wonderful friends. I am very excited to let you know about this awesome giveaway that I entered. It's to win those little beauties over there <<<------. Aren't they adorable? And I bet they look familiar to some of you. That's because they are from Kristin's etsy shop, Paper Mache Beads. I love her creativity with these beads. They are all handmade and hand painted. I really want to win. If you want to win, too, head here to enter.

Easter Memories

I loved Easter growing up. I remember every year we would get up and look for our Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny hid during the night. Then it was off to church. After church, we would head to Grandmother's house for another egg hunt with our our cousins. She would hide an egg with each of ours names on it, and if you found someone else's egg, you had to leave it hidden. It was so much fun spending the day with family.

As an adult, Easter is different. For one thing, down south, the Easter Bunny doesn't hid the eggs during the night. I know for all you Northerners it sounds weird, and it was for me. Instead, the kids take turns hiding the eggs throughout the day. She still leaves baskets full of goodies, so my kids do have a surprise when they wake up Easter morning. I am trying to come up with more Easter Ideas to make the day special. What do you do to make Easter a special day for your kids?


I have to go with Junior to therapy tomorrow. His therapist asked that I come in so we can discuss the things Junior just doesn't tell her. I am a little worried that I will say something that Junior doesn't want her to know, but honestly, I think it's good if I do. I know he avoids certain things with her, and I told him a couple of weeks ago that he needs to be more honest if he expects them to help him. Did that just make sense?

Anyway, I hope it goes well, and I hope Junior isn't too mad at me when we leave.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Look What My Girls Made!

Kasi got a cookbook for Christmas. It's a Paula Deen kid's cook book, and she has been wanting to make something in it.

I told her to pick something out, and she picked this : fruit kabobs.

Tonight she made these yummy kabobs for us to have for dessert, with Brandi's help.

They had red and green grapes, bananas, and strawberries.

They has fun making them, and we all had fun eating them!

Are You A Follower?

Are you obsessed with the latest trends? Do you find yourself buying the latest hot items just because they are popular? I will admit to wanting to see the current blockbuster movies, and I am a sucker for best selling fiction. But when it comes to fashion, or the latest must have electronics, I am behind the times. I guess it's a good thing I found Wocal's Trends Source, where I can check out the latest in what's "hot". This site covers not only the latest fashion trends, but it also discusses the hottest topics on television. You can browse a number of categories, like gossip, or politics. I was checking out their accessories page, and I had no idea that Tinkerbell was so popular with girls these days. And it's not just little girls. Teen aged girls are fond of her as well.

I do love looking at the newest must have items for the kitchen. I enjoy baking, and love to find small appliances that can make it easier. I have cabinets and drawers full of gadgets and things that I use to bake, and am always looking for more. Wocal's home page showcases a seven cup food processor that I would love to have. Mine is small, and old. I do need a new one...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol

I used to be a faithful AI viewer.

I watched.

I voted.

I cheered.

I cried.

This year, I don't care.

I watched the first episode of auditions, and didn't even make it halfway through.

I think it might be the new judge.

I'm not sure.

I'm just not into it this year.

Natural Cleaning Products

I am all about natural cleaning products. I hate the smell of harsh cleaners, especially lemon scented ones. I just don't think they smell clean. I want to use cleaning products that not only smell great, but that are safe to use around my kids and cat. The natural cleaners found at MyCleaningProducts use herbs and natural ingredients that are found around the world. These cleaners release herbs into your home, making you feel more energized. And I'll be the first to admit, when I am cleaning, I need all the energy I can get. They also have an organic rust remover that will not kill your plants, and it, too, is safe to use around kids and pets. If you want to go green with your cleansers, check out these products.

The U.S. of Tara

Does anyone watch this show? I do, and think it's great. Although, I was a little shocked yesterday when I watched next weeks show. (yes, thanks to on demand, I can see next weeks episode this week) I won't give anything away, but what happens might actually make me stop watching.

I do like Toni Collette, and I have a little crush on John Corbett. I have liked him ever since seeing Raising Helen. The basic storyline is that Tara (Collette) has multiple personalities, and she stops taking her medication so her personalities can help her discover exactly what happened in her past that made them. Did that make sense? I hope so. All in all it is a pretty good show. I just hope they don't continue down this specific path....

Make A Little Money

With so many people out of work these days, you need to use as many resources as you can to get your resume out there. You can post your resume online at Resumark.com, and every time an employer downloads it, you make $1.00. And, if you get your friends to download their resumes through a link on your blog or website, you make $.50. I know this doesn't sound like a whole lot of money, but if you get a lot of people to sign up, and a lot of employers are interested in your resume, the money will add up nicely. And to be honest, every little bit helps. So if you are looking for somewhere new to post your resume, check out this site.

Another Beautiful Day Down South

Today is another gorgeous day. I wish I could have spent more time outdoors, but we had so many errands to run. I did find time to play a quick game of ladder ball with Brandi. She won, and I wasn't even letting her win! She is surprisingly good at that game. Yesterday, Kasi, boo, and I had a little competition going on, and Kasi was beating me, too. I think I need more practice!

Young Christian's Weekend

Growing up, I was very active in my church. I was best friends with my Sunday School classmates instead of my regular school classmates. I loved spending time with my church friends, especially when we took trips. We would go on retreats, and I remember one time we just loaded up the church bus and headed into New York City for a day of fun. I say loaded up the bus, but I think there were only about ten of us. It was a small church I belonged to, but I loved it.

Coming up at the end of March, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, is having a Young Christian's Weekend. It's March 27 - 29, 2009. Along with awesome rides, there will be music and worship. You can listen to the music of DownHere! and Kutlass, and the messages of Joe White of Kanakuk Kamps. I remember our retreats as being so much fun, and this weekend at Silver Dollar City sounds like it will be an uplifting and fun experience for all who attend.

Of course, while you are in Branson for the weekend, you should stay at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Both of these hotels are within driving distance of Silver Dollar City, as well as all the other attractions of available in Branson. While there, you can take advantage of their golf courses, boutiques, and restaurants, as well as their river walks and Air Show. There is always something to do, no matter how old you are.

What A Deal!

Junior and I went grocery shopping this morning. We do a big shopping once a month, so we go from store to store looking for the best prices. Our BiLo has a special that we couldn't pass up.

  • buy a stouffers lasagna, party size $11.99
  • get free bagged salad mix
  • get free garlic bread
  • get free salad dressing
  • get free ice cream

Not a bad deal! I think it was about $10.00 in free stuff. We don't usually shop at BiLo, so I was super excited when I found my favorite ice cream that is really hard to find: chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ribbons. I can wait to have some later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Need Some Recipes

We eat a lot of chicken. I make it at least four times a week. I make barbecue chicken, and Parmesan chicken, and chicken baked with spices and herbs. I make the same chicken dishes over and over and over again. I need something different. What is your favorite chicken recipe?


Have you all heard about Micheal Jackson making a comeback? I'm not sure if I would but Micheal Jackson tickets because I haven't listened to anything he has recorded in years. I used to like him back in the Thriller days, but he has gotten so weird. Not just with his skin bleaching and plastic surgery, but aren't both of his sons named the same thing? To me, that's a little weird. Now that I think about it, I might buy Michael Jackson tickets just to see what a freak show he is. That would probably be worth the money I'd spend.

If you are a fan of his current music, and want to see him in concert, get your Tickets to Michael Jackson soon. I think they might be hard to find once the concert date gets closer.


I posted a bunch of pictures on my other blog over the weekend. I have shots from our fishing trip on Saturday, and our trip to the park yesterday. You can see them here. It was around 80 degrees, and the kids had a ball being outdoors. It's supposed to be about 83 degrees today, and I think we're there. It is so nice out! Kinda makes me want to go sit back outside and read my book. I was doing that earlier, and it was wonderful!

Our Van's AC

We recently bought a new van. This is the first vehicle we have owned that actually has working air conditioning. For years we have made due with rolling down the windows. This meant that my hair was always up, because long hair and windows rolled down just don not mix well. I am excited that this summer I can actually keep my hair down sometimes. Those of you that have long hair understand the headaches you get from constantly having it up. I just hope our AC doesn't break so we won't end up needing an ac compressor for the van. I want to get through one season without doing repairs.

Generosity Award

I was given this generosity award by kristin at my art and the mom in me. If you don't know kristin, you need to go check out her blog. She is one of the kindest, most creative people I know. She makes the coolest beads...that are so unusual...go see what I'm talking about!

Here are the rules:

1) Show generosity towards others in the blogging community by giving a small gift of appreciation. This can be free advertising, a card in the mail, or anything else your imagination takes you.

2) Send this award to at least five others. If you wish to send the award to more then that, feel free to. Generosity has no limits.

3) Link back to the person who sent you this award.

4) Copy the rules as well as the award into your post.

5) Enjoy yourself and have fun!

I was racking my brain trying to think of bloggers who I haven't sent stuff to! lol! I love giving my stuff away...so this was hard. Now, I'm not saying you're going to get something super fantastic, but it will be made by me, and I'm pretty sure you'll like it. That's the most I'll say!

It might take me a couple of weeks to get it done and in the mail...so have patience! lol!

Here are my picks...five of the most generous people I know...

tammy from mom knows everything

missy from herd it here first

tammy from crazy mom with four boys

vixen from vixen's den

kat from candles, crafts, and whatnot

And of course, I will be sending something to you, too, kristin.

So, lovely ladies, email me you addresses.

(tammy...mom knows...I still have yours)

Oh, and maybe mention your favorite color...or a color that will match your house...that's all I'm saying.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery

I have spoken before about my breast reduction. You all know that it is one of the best things I have ever done. Before my surgery, I was nervous. I wanted the best surgeon, and I wanted to know what to expect. I found a lot of Cosmetic Surgery Information online, and read most of it. It seemed like every person who wrote about having a breast reduction said the same thing that I say now; that it is the best thing they've ever done. I don't think most people realize the daily pain and embarrassment of being large breasted. I mean physical pain, as well as emotional pain. The back aches and shoulder pain were unbearable some days, and I can't tell you how many times people would talk to my chest instead of me. I walked hunched over, trying to hide how big I was.

I realize now that that didn't work. That just contributed to my back pain. But now, I walk with my head held high. My shoulders have not bothered me one bit since my surgery. They say that it takes a year to know exactly what your breasts will look like, and I am almost there. It has been eight months since my surgery, and I am happy with the results. I would highly recommend this surgery to any woman out there who is contemplating it. Just make sure you do your research, and pick a surgeon you are comfortable with, even if it's far from where you live. I would much rather have a great surgeon than a convenient one.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

The wonderful Kat thought of me when she was giving out this lovely Kreativ Blogger Award.
Thanks Kat! You're the best!!!!

As with most awards, you gotta follow the rules:

1. Copy the award to my site.
2. Link to the person from whom we received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to those sites on my blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs I nominate.

Meeting People

I never understood how people claim to have found their soul mate online. I always wondered how you could think you know someone so well, that you have never met. I mean, do you really get to know the whole person, or just the person they want you to see? I had my doubts about the whole thing. Then I started a blog.

My opinion on online friendships changed immediately. I was not looking to meet anyone at first. I was content just to write my little posts daily so that my friends and family could keep up with me and the kids. At this point I didn't even know what a blog was. My SIL had just started one, so I thought I would give it a go. I was surprised the first time someone left me a comment. Then I did a meme, and my whole online experience changed. People were nice. And supportive. I made friends with people I have never met. I was introduced to instant messaging and chat rooms. I was so computer illiterate before. Now I can keep up with the best of them.

There are so many niches online, and finding the one, or couple, that you fit into isn't hard. There are chat rooms for all walks of life. You can find rooms based on your lifestyle, or rooms based on religion. If you are a Latter Day Saint, you can even find LDS chat rooms. It's amazing when you connect with people who share your interests, and understand the things you are going through.

I have been lucky enough to meet one of my blogging friends in real life, and I now understand how people connect online. I will admit, I was a little nervous the first time we got together. What if they didn't like me? What if it was awkward and we didn't really have anything in common? But, I shouldn't have wasted my energy worrying. From the first hug, it was like we had been friends for years. We have gotten together a few times since, and always end up laughing! They are great people, and I am blessed to have them in my life.

So tell me. Have you met anyone in real life that you first met online?

Crazy Weather

I am sitting here, at the computer, with the A/C on. Yup...it's hot enough for air conditioning. It's crazy that just a week ago, we were a day away from 5 inches of snow, and now it's shorts and tshirt weather. I think yesterday we almost got to 80 degrees, and today is going to be even nicer. We plan on going fishing when Junior gets home from work in about an hour. It's going to be great letting the kids enjoy being outdoors.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Life Since High School

What have I been doing since high school?

I have had the question asked of me a lot lately, thanks to finding a lot of old friends on a certain networking site. My answer is an easy one. I have been raising my kids. I think this is the most important job in the world, and I love that I am able to stay home and be here for them. Sure, I have had part time jobs here and there, but being a mom was always my dream, and I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to be blessed with three wonderful children. When I go to my next high school reunion, it will be with a wallet full of pictures of my children. It is my right as a mother to brag about them and show them off.

So tell me, what have you been doing since high school?

Brandi's Art

I love when the kids make me pictures.

This one is from Brandi Rose.

I try to keep them all, but there are so many!

I have framed a few of them.

What about you?

Do you keep everything your kids make?

Beautiful Ring

I have very recently become a fan of sterling silver jewelry. My mom gave me her engagement ring from my dad, and it is white gold. I needed jewelry to match that, so I bought a sterling silver ring, which I love. I love how the silver sparkles, and silver is so affordable.

Check out this beautiful etoile ring. I found it at Jewels of Denial. It's sterling silver with cubic zirconias. It costs less than thirty dollars, which is right within my budget. I think I might have to drop a few hints to Junior about this beauty. It would look perfect on me!

Clean Rocks

Here's my little hambone, cleaning her rocks.

Some days I think she should have been a boy!

She loves dirt, and mud, and rocks.

But...only clean rocks, which makes no sense.

She can be covered in dirt, head to toe, and she doesn't care.

But Don't get dirt on her rocks! lol!

Concrete Elephants

Did you know that I was an elephant freak? I collect them, and have almost three hundred in my collection. I have glass elephants, and ceramic elephants, and even a few metal elephants. There are a few elephants I have my eye on, though, but I just can't convince Junior to spend the money.

You see, there is this house. They have brick work on both sides of their driveway. Sitting on top of the bricks are four huge concrete elephants. To complete the look, sitting between the two ends of the circular driveway is a bird bath. An elephant bird bath. An elephant bird bath that squirts water out of it's trunk.

I want those elephants!

Junior thinks I will need to hire concrete contractors to make the towers for the elephants to sit on. I don't think we have to, but I would LOVE to have some decorative concrete work done as well. Maybe a nice patio, with the elephants at the corners, since we don't really have a driveway. Of course, I would have to get our landlords approval, and I just don't see that happening. I will just have to wait until we are able to buy our own home someday. When that day comes, I would also love to have some structural concrete work done. Maybe a half wall around some of the patio. And a place for the grill.

Oh, the possibilities.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Do any of you paid bloggers use payingpost? I found this site in January, and have done some opps for them. They "claim" that once you hit $50, they will pay out the first of the following month. So I hit $50 in February, so I was expecting to be paid March 1.

I got nothing!

I have sent THREE emails.


They have not responded at all.

So my question is, if you write for them, have you been paid? I know they have lowered their payout to $25, but has anyone seen any money?

Pizza, Anyone?

I have been thinking about going back to work. It is going to be difficult finding a job that will cater to the hours I am available. I would still need to be around to help with the kids homework. This really limits my possibilities. Then I started thinking how cool it would be if I just opened my own business. That way I could set my own schedule, and the kids could even hang out at work with me. I was thinking about opening a restaurant. I have worked fast food my whole life, so I know a little about the food service industry. I would open a "make your own pizza" restaurant. Doesn't that sound like fun? I would have all the toppings lined up behind a glass counter, and you got to pick exactly what went on your pie. The employees would bake the pizza's, of course, and you would pay by weight when the pizza is finished.

I would also get to design the dining area, and these cute chairs just scream pizzeria to me. I don't know why, but when I look at this restaurant chair I think of the family owned pizza parlors that are popular up north. Maybe it would help my little pizza restaurant down here in South Carolina if I advertised that I grew up on New York Pizza.


Remember the blanket I started when I found out my sister was pregnant? Well, I didn't like the way it was coming along, so I pulled it apart and made that nice pretty ball over there. I thought the stitches were too tight, and it was too long. So, I started over with a bigger needle, and not so long a starting chain. I have a few rows done, and I think it looks, and feels, better. I'll post a picture in a couple of days. You may not be able to see the difference, but I can.

Know The Words?

I love watching Movies. I love romantic comedies and mysteries. I love horror and scary movies even more. I guess you could say I will watch just about anything. I do, however, like to know what other people think about a movie before I watch it. Not necessarily critics, but people like me, who just enjoy watching movies. There is now a website you can go to that has Mystery Movie Reviews
by everyday people. You can even sign up and hype movies yourself. You can share your opinion by rating it with stars. Sign up is quick and easy, as well as free.

It's not just movies you can rate. You can read music reviews as well. Now, I will admit, I am very particular about the music I listen to. I love songs you can sing along to, and I can become obsessed with knowing all the words. I spend more time than I will admit online looking up lyrics. My biggest pet peeve is when my kids, or anyone really, sing the wrong words to songs. It drives me crazy! Even as a kid, I had to know the words. This was before the internet, so I would tape it off the radio and listen over and over until I knew every word. Drove my sister crazy!

Door Hanger

I painted this Christmas door hanger the other day, but I'm not sure I like it. I don't like the way the words came out...it looks sloppy to me. I also think the snowflakes need to be different...maybe silver and sparkly or something. I have a few months...lol...to figure it out before I will use it, so that's good. I have a bunch more Christmas things I bought on clearance in December that I need to paint.

I am also excited to make name signs for my sisters babies. I can't wait until Tami finds out what she's having. Colleen, on the other hand, says she doesn't want to know before delivery day. That's so frustrating!

My Dream House

Isn't this Bathroom Vanity gorgeous? I love the bowl look. It kind of looks old fashioned, but still modern with the sleek white, mirrored shelf along side. I am a sucker for white in a bathroom. To me it is just a cleaner look, and I like for my bathroom to look clean.

We are renters right now, but I spend a lot of time dreaming about what my future house will look like someday. The bathroom, of course, would have a double sink vanity so that Junior would have his own sink to make a mess in. I absolutely hate having to wipe up his stray hairs after he trims his beard. Maybe if he has his own sink, that he is responsible for keeping clean, he will realize how annoying those little hairs can be. And don't even get me started about the kids and toothpaste. They just need their own bathroom altogether, where I will put a vanity that I can just hose down. I'm pretty sure it's not just my kids who are slobs. Maybe I should design a bathroom that is self cleaning. Oh, just imagine the money I would make!

I would have guest bathrooms in my dream house, and they would have modern bathroom vanities. They would all be white, of course, but each would be different. Each bathroom would be a different color. And I guess while I'm dreaming, I can imagine that I have a maid who keeps all these bathrooms clean.

Baby Blankets

I have been working on the blanket I started when I found out my sister was pregnant. It is coming along pretty nicely. It will only be a couple of more months until she finds out if the baby is in fact a girl. The good news is, if it does happen to be a boy, I have one more shot at a niece now that my baby sister is pregnant, too. I would love for her to have a little girl. She already has Carson, who is going to be a great big brother.

If one of these babies is a girl, I get to make a layette, and I love making baby girl things...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Grandma's Ring

This is my most prized possession. It is a beautiful cocktail ring that I inherited from my paternal grandmother.

I remember my grandmother wearing this ring. Every time she did, she would tell me that one day it would be mine. I have three sisters, and we each had a special ring that Grandma wore, and we each new which ring would be ours someday. My grandmother only had sons, so she passed her rings down to her granddaughters.

I was so excited when I had my first daughter, because I knew right then that I would be able to pass my grandma's ring to her. When I had my second daughter, I knew which ring I would give her, too. It's my mom's engagement ring from my dad. My mom gave it to me the day I got married. Of course, I also have my own engagement ring to pass along someday, and that will go to my first granddaughter, if I am lucky enough to have one. I look forward to telling the girls my story of where the rings came from, and letting them know which ones they will inherit. I know how much it meant to me to get this ring when my grandma died, and i hope it will mean just as much to them.

The Jewelry Information Center is a place you can go to find cleaning tips, fashion tips, and purchase information for all kinds of jewelry. They are a non-profit organization, and they are having a contest where you can win a beautiful diamond necklace. All you have to do is share your Jewelry Stories with them. I am going to share the one above.

Snow Days Are Over!

The kids are finally headed back to school today. Most districts have a delay, but not ours. It's back to regular schedule. It's been a long four days, and I am ready for some quiet.

We ended up losing power last night for a couple of hours while they cut up our fallen tree. It was back on before nine, though, so it didn't have a chance to get cold in here. The kids went to bed, and I sat and read for a while. I had to go next door to borrow a lighter to light some candles, and our neighbor was nice enough to lend me his. They really are nice.

I guess that's about it. I'll be around later...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Natural Is Best

As most of you know, my sister Tami is pregnant. Already the mother of four boys, we are all keeping our fingers crossed for a little girl this time. Don't get me wrong, a healthy baby is most important, but after that, we want to be able to buy pink dresses and hair bows.

I remember when I was pregnant with Brandi, my youngest, I had a constant rash on my tummy. It got so bad that my doctor sent me to a dermatologist, who prescribed a hormone based cream. He said to use it sparingly, because it wasn't good for the baby. I don't think I even filled the prescription, because I knew I would never use it. What kind of a doctor prescribes something that could harm my child?

I wish I knew about Beaute de Maman then. This is a line of health and beauty products developed by an obstetrician to be safe for both mother and baby. I was checking out the website, and sure enough, they have a cream for stretch marks. I am sure this would have helped my problem. Their products contain only natural and herbal ingredients. Many celebrities, like Penelope Anne Miller and Chyler Leigh, use these products. I am not one to use something just because a celebrity does, but I am all about using the most natural products during pregnancy. I am sure my sister is, too.

If you are like us and want only the most natural products to use during your pregnancy, order now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Else Is There To Do While Waiting For The Snow?

Aren't these little magnets cute?
I love this little butterfly.
I think the googly eyes make a big difference.

This cute little lady bug and googly eyes, too.
This is a flower...all the magnets are clips, too.
These are two more little note holders.

Need A Plumber?

This is for all my Fairfield County, Connecticut readers. If you find yourself in need of a plumber, check out this Bridgeport Plumber. They do everything from dry basement systems to frozen pipes. They can help with everyday plumbing issues, and offer commercial, as well as residential services. You can get a free estimate, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. This is a family owned business that was established in 1977, and customer satisfaction is their top priority. In fact, seventy five percent of their new customers are through referrals from people who have used their services. Put you plumbing needs in the hands of a company that cares.