Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buying These Pet Supplies Can Help Save A Dogs Life

My dad has a boat, and two dogs.  When I saw these dog life jackets I couldn't help but think of how cute his dogs would look in them.  I mean, check out how cute these life jackets are:
My dads dogs are golden retrievers, so that is exactly how cute they would look.

The best thing about these life jackets is that 100% of the profits from selling them goes to a Canadian based charity that rescues dogs from California and finds them permanent, loving homes.  These dogs are in kill shelters, and without this charity, most of them would probably be put down.  The economy these days makes it hard for some families to keep food on the table.  It's even harder for them to feed their pets, which means more and more dogs are ending up in shelters.  You can help these dogs by buying some of your pet supplies through their website.  They have all different kinds of things besides the life jackets.

Please check it out the next time you need something for your dog.

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