Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Laptop Bags

I finally have hubby talked into buying me a new computer when we get our tax refund in February. The big decision now is whether to buy a desktop or a laptop. My sister has a laptop, and she loves it. Mine would no doubt be abused, what with all the kids using it. I would also have to take it with me everywhere so I could blog on the go. It's a good thing they make laptop bags that are durable and fashionable. Spire USA makes bags that last a lifetime. Each bag comes with a lifetime guarantee, so don't worry about the abuse you dish out to it everyday. It can take it.


forgetfulone said...

I finally got a laptop, and I love it! The kids aren't allowed to use it without my permission.

Beth said...

Wow... I'm also looking for a nice laptop bag, thanks for sharing link for it.