Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Supplies For My Girls

I took the kids to therapy on Monday, and it ended up that only Brandi and I had time with Elizabeth.  I was having a hard week, and a had a lot to talk about, so by the time I was done, there wasn't enough time left to talk to each of the kids.  I felt that Brandi benefits the most from therapy, so she spoke to her after me.  Next week, Ryan and Kasi will get their turn.

Elizabeth told me she was going to ask Brandi to do some art therapy by drawing a picture of her family, and then describing each person in three words.  It was quite funny to see how she drew each of us, and of course, I was the prettiest.  Elizabeth suggested that I encourage Brandi to start keeping a journal where she can write or draw whenever she is feeling particularly down.

I mentioned this to Brandi, and while she loves the idea, she wants to take it to the next level.  She wants me to look into easels and art supplies so that she can have her own little art studio.  I was a little surprised when Kasi didn't pipe up and agree with her, since she has always loved to draw.  I believe that someday, Kasi will be a famous fashion designer.  She sketches out some pretty nice outfits and dresses.  She would definitely benefit if I got some art studio furniture and made her a little corner where she could pursue her dreams.  I could put her right beside my desk and we could spend time together as I worked and she drew.

I think we need some girl bonding time.

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Dawn said...

That is a great idea for Brandi. Ummm, probably at 10:00 tonight. I am curious to hear about therapy. Message me if you don't want me to call !