Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tristan Trains As A Therapy Dog

I love to read, and there was a time when my girls showed signs of the same thing.  Recently, though, I can't get them to read anything unless they have to for school.  I am hoping that if I get them some really good books for Christmas, I can ignite that spark in them once again.

Brandi has recently showed a love for dogs, which is weird since up until recently, she has been terrified of them.  I thought that if I could find some inspirational books about dogs I could get her to read them.  I found this book, Tristan Trains as a Therapy Dog: A Tristan and Trudee Story, and I think it is something she will love.  It is the story of Tristan, a fluffy white bichon frise dog, who learn how to become a therapy dog.  Brandi will be able to read along as Tristan learns how to be a good therapy dog, and cheer as he takes his test. It's weird that I found this now, because my therapist is actually training her puppy to be a therapy dog, and Brandi has shown such a interest in that little puppy.

The book is geared towards kids a little younger than her, but I think she will enjoy it nonetheless.

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