Monday, August 9, 2010

Am I Being Copied?

Do you know exactly what your readers are looking for, and taking from, your blog?  We all write posts with the hope that someone, somewhere, will benefit from it.  We share our experiences, hoping that we can reach people who are going through the same things, whether it be good or bad things.   The hard part is not knowing if you are reaching people.  Sure, you know you have visitors to your blog, but wouldn't you like to know what they are copying and taking with them?  You can use Blog Copy to find out.  This site monitors your blog, and lets you know which posts people are connecting with, by the showing you which parts of your posts are being copied and pasted. 

This information can be used to discover which key words work for you, allowing you to give your readers more of what they love.  I assume it will also help with search engines.  I'm no expert blogger, but I am curious to see what people are taking from my sites. 

Aren't you?

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