Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love magnets.  Seriously, it's like an addiction.  Check out my fridge:

That's only the front.  The sides are also covered.  I have magnets from most of the states I have visited, lots of elephant magnets, and even more "bag clip" magnets. My favorite ones, though, are the ones that my kids have made me over the years. The old elementary school they used to go to did a fundraiser where they made magnets out of the kids artwork.  I always bought those. 

I was thinking that this year, something like that would make great gifts for the kids grandparents.  I did a search for sites where you can make refrigerator magnets, and luckily I found a site that will work for what I want.  My biggest obstacle now is going to be getting Ryan to draw something that doesn't involve AC/DC or skulls.  At 15, that seems to be his obsession right now.  I'm just glad my girls still like to draw hearts and rainbows. 

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