Thursday, October 29, 2009

Australia, Here I Come. Maybe.

Do you have a dream vacation? Is there somewhere you would love to visit, but know deep down that it will never happen?

For me it is Australia. Not only is this where my future husband, Keith Urban, is from, but it is also the land of koala bears and beautiful beaches. Every time we go to our local zoo, I love visiting the koalas. I just want to reach into their enclosure and give them a squeeze. They remind me of stuffed animals, because they are so small and fluffy.

Don't worry...I also know they are wild animals, and therefor, unpredictable. So I would never actually hold one, or even touch one, but a girl can dream, right? Just like I know Keith isn't really going to be my future husband.

Unless I can find a way to get rid of that Nicole...

Anyway, the point of this post is travel, not my silly fantasies. I know I could never visit Australia because of my fear of flying. And that's a shame, because right now I could take advantage of Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific. They have over one million rooms on sale starting at $30 a night. Rooms in Australia are going for $87 a night. That is an awesome price. You have to book between now and October 30, with stays between December 2009 and April 2010.

Maybe I could find a boat that travels from here to there, like in the olden days. Let's just hope the boat's name isn't Titanic. That might be a bad omen.

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