Monday, October 12, 2009

Science Fair Time

This year, my kids are required to do a science fair project. The only good thing about this is that projects are my husband's thing. I do homework every night with the kids, and he helps with the occasional project.

I remember doing science fair projects when I was younger, and my favorites were always the ones that involved live animals, or things growing. I loved watching worms and ants burrow through the dirt, or whatever it is they do. I just didn't like touching them.

It should be interesting to see what Junior comes up with for Kasi's project. I was looking online for ideas, and found this Bird House. I know it is not suitable for her project, but I really, really want one.

It comes with suction cups, so I can hang it on my window. Then I can just sit back and hope the some type of birds will make it their home. Because of the clear back against the window, I can watch the birds build their nests, and if I am really lucky, maybe even lay some eggs. Now that would be extremely educational for the kids to watch the birth process of birds. I know I would enjoy it. These bird houses are made from natural wood and they are resistant to rotting and insects, which is nice because I would hate to watch bugs take over my bird house.

Lohasrus wants kids to interact and learn from nature. Their website,, has games for kids to play, and contests to enter where they can win special gifts. I played a game called Ocean Matches, and it was just like Bejeweled. Of course, it has cute little animal faces, making it geared more towards kids, but I enjoyed it too. I am interested to see what else this site has to offer, and am going to have Brandi and Kasi check it out. They love playing games, and I like finding sites that are kid friendly. I think we are all winners with Lohasrus.

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