Saturday, October 24, 2009

LLBean Coupons

This past week, it has been cold. Our lows have been in the 30's. Going to the bus stop at 6:20 am has been a little chilly. I had the kids break out their winter coats, and luckily they all still fit. Brandi's is a little tight, which means she could use a new one. Missy gave us one that is blue, and Brandi loves it, but she is very fashion conscience and wants a "girlier" one to wear with dresses.

She is yet to wear a dress to school this year, but apparently plans on to during the winter months. how this makes sense, I do not know. I would wear dresses in the warmer months, but you can't argue with a seven year old. If she wants her legs to freeze, that's her business.

(I should probably say that I will not let her wear a dress on a day that is freezing...I do have some parental control)

It is now my mission to find her a nice, girly winter coat. I went online looking for free coupons, and found some LL Bean coupons. I checked out their website, and they have some pretty cute girl's coats. Brandi and I decided together that she should get this cute pink plush coat. It looks like it will keep her nice and warm.

I should also mention that although it has been in the 30's at night, during the day it gets up to the mid 70's. This is the kind of weather that's keeps us all sniffling and coughing. I will be happy when it's winter, and it's cold all the time. This fall weather is killing me.

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