Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Think I Need A Massage

They canceled school for tomorrow.  That means another day of kids who are bored bugging me all day.  You would think the older kids would be able to entertain themselves, but no.  I am about to send them off to get some massage training so that they can work some of this stress out of my shoulders. In the past 27 days, the kids have had four days of school.  Bob was home 17 of those days as well.  That means I have had no time to myself in weeks.  I think I might be getting close to losing my mind.


At this point, getting a real massage may not be a bad idea.  I have never had one before, but I have heard good things from people who have.  We have a massage school right around the corner from where I live.  I wonder if a part of their massage program is practicing on actual people?   I wouldn't mind being someone's guinea pig if it means saving some money. 


Dawn said...

Yes, I have had massages and they are great. I would call the school and find out. Probably just like beauty school, they offer discounts. Try it out, I know you will love it !

Oh, I have to get the story on "Bob" !! :)

Tara Beaulieu said...

Here in RI they have to have a certain amount of man hours where they practice on willing participants before they can get certified. They must do it for free here, so you should definitely check it out! :)