Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making The Smart Choice

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Baby formula is expensive.  Seriously expensive.  Not as expensive as feeding a teenaged boy, though.  That food bill every month is going to kill me. 

I remember the days of buying formula, and even nine years ago when my youngest was a baby, it was expensive.  We were on WIC back then, which was a huge blessing.  The months we did run out of formula, we always bought the store brand formula.  For us, the price difference was a big factor in that decision.  Back then, you could save several dollars by buying the store brands, and they were just as good as the name brands.  They had to be. 

These days, you could save up to $600 a year simply by making the switch to generic formula.  All infant formulas are regulated by the FDA, who makes sure that all formulas meet the same nutritional guidelines.  For instance, Similac Advance and Parent's Choice Advantage Infant Formulas both have:

- Prebiotics to help support baby’s immune system

- Milk-based nutrition containing all nutrients, vitamins and minerals for growth and development
DHA & ARA, which may support brain and eye development

- Available in 23.2 oz and 12.4 oz sizes

The only significant difference is the price.  I know all parents want what is best for their babies, but why pay more for a "name" when you don't have to?  My kids were raised on the store brands, and they turned out just fine.

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