Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Simple Joys of Knitting

 Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

When I was a younger girl, I used to sit on the sofa watching television and was amazed to see my grandma sitting beside me for hours knitting. She would knit stocking caps, socks, and adorable baby blankets for friends or relatives that were having newborn babies. I watched in amazement because I always noticed that as meticulous as my grandmother was with her knitting, she would be rocking and humming happily as she was knitting. She told me this was her peaceful time, a time that she just enjoyed relaxing and doing something fun for her and from that point on, I wanted to learn how to knit!

I sat down when I was 10 years old and began learning from my grandmother how to knit. I always enjoyed her taking me to the store and picking out my favorite colors from the large selection before me and I would dream of my finished product before I even started! My first project was a knitted stocking cap for my cousin's baby girl and I will never forget the soft pink yarn that I selected.

It didn't take very long before I was doing the same as my grandma was, sitting for hours and hours knitting anxiously watching my projects get closer to completion and anticipating what it would look like when I was done.

Little by little I grew to love my knitting projects just like my grandmother did. I can sit for hours rocking and totally enjoy watching satellite TV from while knitting away at blankets, sweaters, and all sorts of projects for people I enjoy knitting for. I can now knit without even looking down at my project too often, catching a nice show or movie and moving right along as knitting has become an art for me.

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Lida said...

Isn't it nice to watch a movie and knit? I feel like I am not wasting time at all when I cozy up by the fire place and knit while I watch a nice movie. I especially love sock knitting, 2, 3 movies and I have one done. Easy.