Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's The Little Things We Do

A couple of weeks ago I went to print something, and the printer didn't have any paper in it. I searched the drawers in my desk and found nothing. Turns out the girls decided that computer paper works well for drawing, and they used up every last piece.

As I was standing in the store trying to decide which kind to get, I noticed that they now sell copy paper made from recycled materials. I thought that was pretty neat. I would love to be able to buy all recycled office supplies, but I just can't afford it. The recycled paper was almost twice as much as the regular paper.

Why is that?

I have been doing little things to help save paper, though.

  • I signed up for online banking, so the bank will no longer send out monthly statements in the mail.
  • My cable/phone/internet provider no longer mails me detailed statements.
  • We signed Junior up for direct deposit, so he will no longer be getting paper checks from work.
  • The kids have started doing power point presentations instead of written reports, and to be honest, they have more fun and do a better job this way, too.

I know these are only little things, but if we all did these little things, we could make a difference together.

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