Monday, November 2, 2009

SCUBA Diving

I have to share this with you. Every time I hear the word SCUBA, I think of that old Family Ties episode where Alex is tutoring Mallory, and he asks her what SCUBA stands for, and she was able to answer correctly. It will forever be stuck in my head that it means self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. I know, it's crazy the things that stick in my head.

My sister has been SCUBA diving. She said it was an awesome experience. She had to take classes for a couple of weeks, and learn how to use the scuba dive gear in a swimming pool. I remember her saying how when they finally went on a real dive in the Caribbean somewhere, on the first dive she couldn't get her ears to pop, so she couldn't go down very far. After a while she was finally able, so she got to go all the way down. I am not too sure I could handle being underwater that low, and not know what I'll find. I am kind of having an anxiety attack right now just thinking about it.

Maybe someday I can get over my fear.

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