Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Raining

Most of you know why I hate the rain. I already have the buckets out, waiting for the drips to start. The weatherman is calling for heavy rain all day; up to four inches. Just in case you are new here, let me explain. My ceiling leaks in like eleven places, and whenever it rains I have to live with buckets on my floor to catch the water. It is not a fun experience.

This also means that my mom probably won't make it to Brandi's performance tonight, because she has a hard time seeing in the dark to begin with, and add in the rain and you are asking for disaster. It's okay, though, because I plan on having Ryan videotape it for me so I can post it on here for everyone to enjoy.

It's times like this, though, that I wish I had invested in a camera bag for him. I have a very small one for my camera that fits into my purse, but his video camera is going to get a little wet tonight without something to protect it. When we went camping, I had him use a small tote to carry all his electronics, like his video camera, mp3 player, portable dvd player, psp, and all the movies and games that go along with them. That will not work tonight.

I think a camera bag might be something that Santa can bring him. I found these really cool sling camera bags that look like backpacks. The great thing is that you can kind of unstrap one side to sling it around to the front, so you don't have to take it off, and you have a harder time dropping it. I would say that you couldn't drop it, but I know my son and I am sure he will find a way.

I guess for tonight I will just have to carry a bigger purse.

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