Sunday, November 1, 2009

Walking Shoes

I am so flipping tired. I slept pretty good last night, even with getting up around 5am because of a Charley Horse in my leg. I absolutely hate when that happens, but I kind of knew it was coming because we did a LOT of walking yesterday. We also did a lot of walking today, too, so I am pretty sure it will happen again in the morning. I need to invest in some good walking shoes, or maybe some 5.11 Tactical boots. Okay, so maybe the boots are not a good idea for long walks on pavement, but I need to do something. The past two days I have worn my fake crocs, and they are not the best for walking. I have blisters on more than a couple of toes.

I think I need to finally find out how it feels to have a professional pedicure.

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nate said...


I saw your post about needing to find a good pair of walking shoes. We have put together a page that gives some good tips and what to look for in a good pair of walking shoes, hopefully it will be helpful for you . . .please take care of your feet.