Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Started Christmas Shopping

Kasi is at that age where she wants to own nice jewelry. I think I was about her age when I got my first "real" piece of jewelry, so I have been on the lookout for something nice, but not too expensive, just in case she looses it.

So, I was so excited when I found this ring in rogersearthworksetsy shop . It is totally girly and also elegant. I thought it would be perfect for Kasi. I was ready to cringe as I looked for the price, and couldn't believe my eyes! Are you ready?

$1.50 + $2.50 s&h = $4 total!

Holy crap! I was so excited! It's silver plated, which is perfect for her. I ordered it, and can't wait to get it. I think she is going to love it. I wish my nieces were older, because they had all different types for the same price. I could have knocked out a bunch of shopping.


forgetfulone said...

That's a beautiful ring! I haven't started shopping yet, but I've thought about it. I think we're going to do one big gift per person, so shopping this year shouldn't be so hard.

One Creative Queen said...

You so totally rock for sharing that! I love the ring - it's beautiful. Perfect for girls at that age...and now I know what I'm getting my daughter for Christmas, too. Woot!

B Boys Mom said...

What a very pretty ring.