Sunday, August 23, 2009

Protecting My Blog, And My Identity

More and more of the blogs I read on a daily basis are switching to their own domain names. I know in the last year, I did this with two of my blogs; this one and my kids one. I thought long and hard about choosing the right web host when I changed over, but in the end decided to stay with blogger. I knew that I needed to do more research before deciding, so I started asking all my friends who they use, and I also found a great site that compares all the webhosting sites out there, and puts the results side by side. This made is easier to make the right decision.

I was also reading an article about protecting your site, and it was really interesting. The part of the article that struck home with me was about creating strong passwords. My brother is a computer guy, and he tells me all the time that I have weak passwords. I don't use the same one for everything, which is good, but the ones I use are kind of predictable if you know we well.

I really do need to go around and change some of them, to protect myself, and my identity.


forgetfulone said...

Change those weak passwords, Jenn! Really! I'm concerned about anyone at work finding out my identity from my blog, not that it would matter, but it's where I can really be myself.

Nilz said...

Password is the first security measure you need to apply to keep your websites safe. You never know there are lots of hackers around the Internet, and, a lot of them just might get hold of your website anytime because of a weak password. Make sure to change them at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

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