Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Wedding Season

It's almost June, which means wedding season is going to be in full swing.  I got married in June.  In fact, June 22 will be my 15th wedding anniversary.  Not bad, right?  As most of you already know, I did not have a "real" wedding, with a reception and cake.  I was married in the courthouse, with only close family there.  I was planning a big wedding, but God had other plans for me, and it never happened.  That doesn't mean I don't dream about having the big white wedding someday.  I mean, I would love to pick out discount wedding invitations, China patterns, flowers, a dress and a cake.   I already have my wedding cake topper picked out, too.

You're surprised it's elephants, aren't you?  But you have to admit they are adorable.

Maybe for our 20th anniversary Junior and I will renew our vows, and have the celebration we never did.  The girls can be the flower girls, and Ryan can be the best man.  I think that will make the day extra special.

Let's just hope Junior and I don't pull a Jon and Kate and get divorced a year after renewing our vows.

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