Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Neighborhood

I took a walk around the neighborhood tonight, and for the first time I really looked at all the mobile homes that are in here.  Most of them are really very well kept, with a few exceptions.  In the lease we signed, there were a lot of rules, and for the most part, the tenants seem to follow them.  My favorite is the one that states "all yards must be kept clean and organized".  Everywhere we have lived before, Junior and his junk has taken over our yards.  I love that he is not allowed to do that here.

That is one of the reasons I hate it when people refer to this neighborhood as a trailer park.  When I think of trailers, I think of tin roofed, metal sided messes.  In his neighborhood, most of the mobile homes are vinyl sided with vinyl shutters and shingled roofs.  Our house has wood siding, but it looks really nice.   There are several houses in here with wood siding, and they all look nice.  I refuse to live in a dumpy place again.  I had enough of that at the duplex.

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