Monday, May 10, 2010

Kid Sized Picnic Table

It has been a while since I have done anything really creative, so I was thrilled when Junior decided to make my mom a picnic table for Mother's Day.  It is eight feet long, and small enough for the kids to sit at.  The last time we were all at my mom's house, the kids sat on a blanket in the yard to eat, and Junior didn't want that to happen again.  Check out how much the kids, and my mom, loved it!

Our next project is an adult sized table to match this one!  Hopefully we will get it done before the summer is over.


Anonymous said...

that is so cool, Jen! Junior made that?! Great Job!!!

jenn said...

He did! I was pretty impressed, too. Me and the kids helped screwing in screws and stuff, but he did the majority of the work.

B Boys Mom said...

I love it! You should have the kids paint something fun on it or just their hand prints.