Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIY iPad Case

Guest post written by Sam Rodriguez

I kind of wanted an ipad for a while, but I broke down about a month ago and finally bought one for myself. I actually have gotten quite a bit of use out of it, so I'm satisfied that I'll eventually get the money's worth out of it, which is the reason that I put it off for so long.

But I still haven't bought an ipad case for it yet. I thought that could wait. I wanted to shop around for that anyway. When I was shopping around for one online one night, I actually found some information about Clearwire wireless internet systems and decided to change over my home internet access to that provider.

I found all kinds of great cases that looked like I could actually recreate myself, so I decided to just pull of an DIY ipad case. I mean, I didn't think that would be too hard to make. Now this way I could even personalize my case with my name and make it exactly how I want it.

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