Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Easy DIY Quilt For My Daughter

Guest post written by Tina Carlson

I love making things for my family and I think that they like the stuff I make them. It's not like I knit them embarrassing sweaters every year for Christmas or anything, but I really think about what they could use like a new pair of gloves or a scarf to match a new winter coat.

Right now my daughter just finished up her first semester of college and it's so nice to have her back at home for the holidays. I thought that I could make something really nice for her to take back with her to use at school. While I was online I came across a site with some internet packages on it and after I looked through them, I decided to sign up for one of them.

I decided to make her a easy DIY quilt that she could put on her bed in her dorm room and have as an extra layer of warmth in that drafty old dorm. I think that she'll like it, especially because I made it to match her bed's comforter.

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