Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Four More Days!

I can not believe there are only four days until Christmas day.  This is the first year, in many, many years that we have not had to borrow money to get the kids their gifts.  Sure, it's not going to be a big Christmas, but each kid is going to get exactly what they asked for, which doesn't happen very often around here.

We have lots to do the next few days, too.  On Christmas Eve, we are going to visit some of my husband's cousins, and then we are going to my sister's house to exchange gifts with my dad.  Christmas Day will be spent with my mom, of course, which I am really looking forward to. 

I am also looking forward to seeing what Junior and the kids have for mt under the tree.  It's been many, many years since Junior and I have spent money on each other, letting the kids pick out gifts for us.  We decided that we will worry about "real life" stuff like car insurance and changing our cable package after the first of the year.  We have until February to pay for our yearly car insurance policy, and I think I have until March to decide about the cable.  It's nice to put those things on the back burner for the next week or so, and not worry about money.  Or even worry about anything.

We are dedicated to enjoying this Christmas, stress free. 


Dawn said...

That is great that you can be stress free financially this year !! :) I am scrambling trying to come up with money for property taxes. UGH !! They come due by December 31. I don't know about your state. Do you have to pay personal property taxes ? Well, anyway, I hope to have them paid by the end of the year !! :) Can't wait to hear about your Christmas !! :)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Oh, Yay, Jenn! Stress-free Christmas, that usually doesn't go together! lol!