Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting The House Ready

Have you ever been the victim of a flood?  The way it was raining here last night I was convinced our little home would be swept away.  The weather men had talked about it snowing, but thankfully it was just rain.  Today is Brandi's birthday party, and if I had to worry about applied structural drying the party would be ruined.  

As it is now, the girls and I are trying to get the house clean and ready.  I am baking meatballs to go with my ziti, Brandi is cleaning the bathroom, and Kasi is working on the floors.  We have mostly hardwoods (the fake kind) and an area rug.  The rug seem to be a catch all for every piece of dirt in this house, and I hate having to drag out the vacuum just to clean it.  Most of the time, I just sweep it, but that just gets rid of the surface dirt.  I really need to look for some rug cleaning tips so I can get all the ground in dirt out.  I would hate to see what a carpet cleaner would pull out of it.  

If I had thought ahead, I would have looked up some do it yourself upholstery cleaning tips and tried to clean the couch.  Most of the time I keep a sheet on it, so it's not too bad.  It's just nice every now and them to do a little Spring cleaning, even if it is Winter time.

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