Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Being Monitored

Some of you may already know that I have been thinking about going back to work. In the past, all I have ever done is fast food and being a grocery store cashier. I would love to find a desk job somewhere that didn't require me to wear a uniform, and didn't mind if I was online during the slow parts of the day. The problem is I am not really qualified for that kind of work, and it would be my luck that if I did find a job like that, the boss would have some kind of monitoring software on the computers, and I would be fired in a week for spending too much time blog hopping. I watched an Employee monitoring tutorial and its crazy how easy it is for someone to monitor your computer usage without you even knowing it. The software can be downloaded to your computer from another computer, and you would never know.

I am not sure I would want to work for a company that didn't trust it's employees.

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