Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Handmade Christmas

I am going to try and make this Christmas a handmade one. I am determined to buy most, if not all, of my gifts off of etsy.

I found this adorable Baby's First Christmas ornament in Carolyn's Clay Qt's etsy shop, and fell in love. The hardest part was picking which ornament I liked the best.

There are the cutest twin ornaments, and I am excited to get one for my newest nieces or nephews next year. They aren't due to arrive until March, so I will just have to wait.

This one is going to be perfect for baby Jake, and for whatever my sister Colleen has in October. I hope she has a girl, because I love the ornament of the little girl in purple, too.


Roschelle said...

Awwww....How cute. I wish I was talented like that. Arts and crafts I just never could get it. But I love looking at the neat things other people create.

Shelley said...

Adorable! I'm amazed at what people can make with clay!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Very well done Jenn!! I really do admire people with this talent.

I have problems sewing on a button. I hope you have a great day!!