Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brandi's Business Idea

I mentioned on my other blog how Brandi wants to own a fashion store when she gets older. This is something she has been talking about for a while, and for a seven year old, she has thought pretty seriously about what she needs to do to accomplish this goal. First she wants to open a store here, in South Carolina, and once it is doing well, she wants to open a second store in New York. She is going to be selling her sister Kasi's designer fashions, and make lots and lots of money. She said she is going to hire old models who will wear the clothes in the store, so people can see what the clothes look like. She said she will pay them more than any other store so that they will be happy working for her.

I told her she is going to have to take a lot of business classes in college to learn about running a business. She will need file transfer software so she can connect her two stores to one inventory list. She also needs to talk her sister into designing the clothes. Although Kasi does want to be a fashion designer, I am not sure how happy she will be working with her sister.

All I know is that they have many years to figure it all out.

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