Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Etsy Question

I ordered a little ring for Brandi from a seller on etsy. I placed my order, and paid, on September 3, almost two weeks ago.

On Saturday, I sent a messgae to the seller, asking what the hold up was, and got no reply.

On Monday, I sent another message asking the seller to either reply to my message, or refund my money. I told the seller I was prepared to report them for not sending the item I ordered.

I got this reply early this morning:

I am very sorry for the delay, I will be happy to send your money back :)
Please request me for the amount of payment & I will accepted :]

I find it odd that there are happy faces, when I was clearly upset in my message. Second, the seller knows exactly how much what I ordered was. Third, I really want the ring...why won't the seller just send me the darn thing?

What are your policies for shipping an order? If it is going to take a week or more, do you let the buyer know? I don't want to over react, but I think others need to be warned about this person. I should have noticed before I paid that I was their first buyer.

Oh man. I should have read the shop policies first, because apparently this is a teen aged girl who is more interested in having anyone who reads her policy to be her friend on myspace. I think I need to accept that my money is gone. This is from her shop policies:

I was made in the Philippines on October 18 & shipped here to Washington United States I am still young, but take my own responsibility. I'm a true Asian, I speak my own language. If you really want to get to know me & be a friend of mine please feel free to add my personal myspace account >> (I deleted the link...I'm not pimping her myspace)
I add most E V E R Y O N E. Unless you are too old for me, no picture, or just someone I should stay away from. I'm friendly & listen to people, some I just hear their words. I take my time on most of everything. I am a high school student. & Have my personal life to deal with. Although in my spare time I will assists you in any of your needs or just to keep in touch. Anything you would like to know? Just let me know[:


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Shelley said...

I'm curious what her feedback looks like. She sounds like this is just a hobby and doesn't take it seriously.

Good luck with that!