Wednesday, January 6, 2010

29 Days

My birthday is coming up. Is it wrong that at almost 38 I am still excited that my birthday is approaching? I might feel differently in a couple of years when I am turning 40, but for now I like feeling excited about it.

I also know what I want this year. Last month, Junior got an awesome watch from his work. It was actually an award for great customer service. It is beautiful, and it got me to wanting a new watch. The one I have needs a battery, and to be honest, it has seen better days.

So I started looking around online, and I found these great seiko dive watches, but they didn't have any in a woman's style. I did find this black and silver Seiko watch on the same site, and it is only $97. I found it on, and not only can I get it at an awesome price, I can get second day free shipping.

That means Junior has twenty seven days to order this so that I have it on my birthday. I wonder what kind of hints I have to drop to get him to read this post. Maybe I will just print it out and tape it to the van's steering wheel.

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