Friday, January 29, 2010

HSM3 Dance

I usually hate to shop. In fact, it is my least favorite thing in the entire world. But, this time of year, I can almost tolerate it, because this is when stores have some pretty awesome sales.

The other day, Junior, Brandi and I were in Walmart, and we found this PS2 game for $6. It's some kind of dancing game, and it comes with the dance mat. Brandi totally freaked out and had to have it, because it is just like the wii game they play in gym at school.

That's right, my kid goes to school to dance to the wii. I'm not sure if I think this is an awesome idea or if I think the gym teacher is just slacking off. Either way, this was originally a $30 game, so we bought it for her.

I just can't pass up a sale that good.

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