Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Loss Programs

I know you guys are probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about my weight, because I know I am tired of talking about it. Just bear with me for a moment, because I actually want your opinions. I will admit to trying a lot of diets that are out there, and while some have been successful short term, none of them have worked for me in the long run. As soon as I stop following these diets, I pack the weight right back on. Now, I know that when you diet you are supposed to be making a lifestyle change. I get that. But lets face it. It is too hard to give up carbs and/or fat. I need a plan that allows me to eat everything, just in moderation.

The one plan that comes to mind is Nutrisystem. This plan ships pre-packaged meals to you, and all you have to do is eat. This sounds great, but I worry that I would get bored. I need variety in my diet, and I am a picky eater. I know, a fat picky eater, but it's true. I won't eat anything with onions, and I am sure they use onions a lot in their meals. And even if I do find some that I will eat, what happens when I have to start preparing my own meals once I've lost the weight? Will my body go into shock? Will I pile the pounds back on?

So my question to you is simple...have you ever used a weight loss center, and if so, which one? Were you happy with your results, and how did you do when you stopped their program? be honest, because I really want to know.


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Renae said...

I don't know how Nutrisystem will work but I went to Weight Watchers and lost an incredible amount of weight. I even made lifetime member and no longer had to pay when I weighed in. I got tired of going and finally stopped all together and guess what...I gained every pound back in less time then it took me to lose it. I now have Wii Fit Plus and I absolutely love it! I try to eat better (doesn't always happen when I have those moments of needing chocolate) but I do use the Wii Fit and I absolutely love it! It is so much fun that you lose track of time and by the time you are done you have just exercised for an hour! I wish you all the luck on finding the best plan for you.