Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back To It

The kids finally went back to school yesterday. I really want to know who decides how long these kids have off for winter break, because in my opinion, two and a half weeks seems a little excessive.

Just saying.

They all had a good first day back, and I had a wonderful, peaceful day here at home. In fact, I got a whole bunch of cleaning and packing done, and not once did I hear "it's my turn on the computer" or "why can't I play the wii". It was very nice and relaxing to just put on a CD, and spend the day doing whatever I wanted.

Until they got home, that is.

But, we are months away from another long break, and hopefully before then we will be in a new (and bigger...fingers crossed) place, and it will be nice outside instead of cold and rainy so they can all go out and play. Wow, that was a pretty long sentence. Anyway, I am off to enjoy the quiet while I can...

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