Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Junior's ex-father-in-law has been missing in action recently.  Junior worked really hard to get his old tiller running, so I bet he's been out in his field.  He hasn't been selling, but I think he has planted all his veggies, and is now waiting for them to produce.  Once his crops start coming in, I have a feeling he will be running the stand six days a week. (he doesn't work on Sundays)  He still has a bunch of flowers that he wants to sell, and I think I heard him talking to Junior about finding some palm trees for sale.  I believe his plan is to open a produce stand/mini nursery.  

Junior and I have talked about this, and we think he could make some really good money, if he would just be consistent.  He had me look up wholesale nursery phone numbers online so he could see about starting up an inventory.   He had a list of flowers and bushes that he needed prices for, and I did the best I could finding out what he needed to know.  But, because I am no expert on wholesale palm trees and flowers, I got a few things mixed up.

Maybe this is why he hasn't asked me to help him sell produce this year.

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