Saturday, June 5, 2010

Business Cards

I still have not ordered business cards.  I think I am the world's biggest procrastinator.  This can be a good thing sometimes, and in this instance, it has allowed me to discover something that can help me to stand out.

I know the traditional use for Plastic Cards is for businesses and such, but why not use them as business cards?   Eye Catchers is a Plastic Card Manufacturer, and I have looked at some of their samples, and I really believe I could come up with a really cute business card for myself.

You all know I'm a little different, so why shouldn't my business card reflect that?


Anonymous said...

Those plastic cards are pretty cool! I'd be afraid I would spend too much money on them though :(

Dawn said...

I know you do business online. Do you do correspondence in snail mail? Or, are these for personal use? I am an Independant Mary Kay consultant and I have paper ones that I order through the company and they work well for me. I have ordered a lot of that kind of stuff through the company. I really enjoy it! :)