Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Have So Much to Learn

A weird thing happened today.  I was at my mom's house, and I got on her computer to check and see if I had any pending opps.  I write for a few different sites, and when I logged into one of them, I didn't qualify for as many opps as I had this morning.  I checked their stats page, and it has both of my blogs that I write paid posts on as having page ranks of 0.  I thought this was a little odd, because I didn't think we were due for a page rank update until July.  This led me to Google's page rank checker tool, and it said both blogs still have their rank, so I am guessing it's the paid site that is messed up, not my blogs.

I will admit, though, that I am no expert when it comes to Social Media Services and Site Search Software.  I know I should be networking my sites, letting people know about them, but I have no idea how.  I have read articles and to be honest, most of what they say goes right over my head.I am just a simple mommy blogger trying to make a little extra cash, and not lose my page rank in the process.  I have a Twitter account, because I read that Twitter is a great way to network yourself.  The problem is, I don't get it.  I really need to Learn More about the different platforms, and how they contribute to SEO.   Then I have to learn more about SEO.

Any suggestions?

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