Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Hair

Kasi wanted highlight in her hair for her birthday, so I gave her some.  They looked great until we started swimming every day.  Now her blond highlights are green.  Even mine and Brandi's hair are showing a little green.  I blame the chlorine.  My mom bought something the other day to get the green out, but we haven't tried it yet.  She says that once we do get it out, that wetting our hair before getting in the pool will help keep it from turning green again.  I sure do hope that is true...


B Boys Mom said...

I remember as a kid having green hair from being in a pool to much. Good luck getting it out.

Mary said...

Just happened to me... I researched around online and found that baking soda mixed with your shampoo works wonders... and it did!

I also heard wetting your hair before swimming helps prevent it. Also diluting some conditioner with water, putting it in a spray bottle and spritzing some on before swimming also helps prevent the greening.

When I was a teenager and my hair turned green from the pool, I used UltraSwim shampoo to fix it and that worked well too... but really it's much cheaper and works just as well to use the baking soda mixture.

Good luck!