Monday, June 21, 2010

I Was Looking For A Lamp, And Found This

 My bedroom has a ceiling light.  At night, I like to read in bed, but find the overhead light to be too much when Brandi is trying to sleep.  (yes, at 8, she still sleeps with me)  I was online looking for a nice lamp to go on my nightstand, and came across Himalayan Salt Lamps.  If you are like me, you probably have no idea what they are. I found this explanation online:

Salt lamps are naturally beautiful and ambient while generating an increased balance of airborne negative ions; which are scientifically proven to enhance human health, environment, and well-being; These are hygroscopic too, thereby reducing moisture content which airborne particulates/bacteria need to remain airborne and survive.

That sounds pretty interesting to me.  I want one of these lamps now.  Not for reading, obviously, but to see if it makes a difference in our health and well being.

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