Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wii's in Gym Class. Really?

I know I have written before about how horrible I think my school districts physical education program is.  I mean, the kids play the wii during gym.  Is that really considered physical education?  I don't think so.  They can, and do, do that at home.  I think the schools should use the Spark PE curriculum, or something similar, to get our kids moving.  I mean, they can apply for the PEP grant 2010 and use that money on things other than wii games.  I am not sure why it bothers me so much that the kids play video games at school, but it really does.  I mean, they are always talking about the school's budget, and where to make cuts.  I say start making the gym teachers work for their paychecks instead of putting the kids in front of a television screen.  Implement a coordinated school health program, getting parents and the community involved in helping our kids get healthier.  

I am in no way saying that it is the sole responsibility of the school's teachers to get our kids moving.  I know I have to do my part as well.  My kids love to ride their bikes and play outside.  Sure, they are not on any type of sport team or structured activity, but I grew up using my imagination while playing, and my kids do the same.  I think it has made them extremely creative.  But when they are at school, they need guidance, not video games.

At least that's my opinion.

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