Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite Wedding Themed TV Show

This guest post from Doris Dillon

There are many wedding themed television shows on the air today. One of my favorites is Bridezilla, which I watch on the satellite television I got through whenever I can gain control of the remote. While many wonder why there is such a show, I believe the show was created to help grooms understand the craziness that overtakes their loving bride as the wedding approaches.

For myself, I like to watch the show and see all of the issues that the bride-to-be is faced with. For myself, I had a very small wedding on a very small budget, therefore never experienced many of the issues that these brides face. From dresses to bridesmaids to menu and invitations, these brides really throw some outrageous temper tantrums and out right fits when things do not go their way.

Another reason I believe this show was created was also to make brides aware that things are not always perfect both before hand and after the ceremony. I don't recall one single episode in which everything went according to planned for anyone at all, nor do I remember an episode where the wedding did not happen, although that threat was always there and just about always stated by the bride.

Many brides suffer from this 'illness' that seems to afflict these brides in Bridezilla. Even the brides using a wedding planner end up having many issues that seem to stress them so badly that everything turns upside down. In most cases, anything that can go wrong will.

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B Boys Mom said...

I have seen this show and some of these brides act like 2 year olds. Still very entertaining.