Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goose Lake Fishing

Guest post written by my buddy Irene Hodge

Going fishing is something that I have greatly enjoyed doing with either my parents, my children, or by myself. There are many great things about fishing that make it an excellent sport and hobby. A good thing about it is that it is relatively cheap and once you have a pole, things don't cost too much anymore. This is a reason why so many people absolutely love to go fishing with their friends, even if they happen to be broke.

A great place that I enjoy going fishing at is Goose Lake in the east part of town where I live. There are many geese there that are also a lot of fun to feed and watch, but fishing is what always draws my attention more then anything else. The joy of actually testing your mettle and trying to catch record sized fish is a great thing to do, and gives a person the ability to relax and contemplate their lives.

Before I leave I always set my home alarm that I got from Adt security near St. Louis MO, because I know that while I am out having fun, things can happen at home that aren't so fun. The ability to know that I can enjoy my favorite thing and not worry about endangering my home is probably the greatest feeling in the world. If your home is safe, your mind will be at ease.

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