Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Franks and burgers and pop, oh my!

Thanks to Roman May

Is there any event as uniquely American as tailgating at your favorite football stadium before the big game? I know that it just wouldn't be football Saturday if I wasn't spending the afternoon grilling up my favorite brats and chasing them with my favorite beverage of choice over and over and over again. When I go to check out the Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Iowa Hawkeyes or any other team I decide to watch that week there are always a few supplies I take with me every time.

Of course I need a cooler to keep my drinks cool, I need my iPad with my AT&T internet in order to keep track of scores from every other game and I need whatever kind of meat products I want to consume each week. On occasion I'll drag my Weber grill out if I'm afraid the people I'm going to be tailgating with that week don't have a grill of their own. Of course when I head off to the latest tailgating party I make sure I set my home security alarm ahead of time. I can't be telling all you people that I'm never home on Saturdays and leave my beloved home unprotected now, can I? Of course I trust all of you but I'm also not completely naïve. This is the 21st century after all.

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