Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kitchen Refresh

Guest post written by Ellen Myers

After I had saved up to buy my own place, I had to wait a while to try and do any remodeling inside the house until I saved up some more money because it's just my income that's going into it. But that gave me even more time to figure out exactly what I would want to do in my kitchen.

Once I thought that I had everything handled and I was ready to make the investment, I got some new sears cabinets installed. The old cabinets were a drabby wood stained color that wasn't really dark and wasn't really light, it just looked faded and worn. So once when I got the new ones in that were really really dark wood stained, it looked so much more sleek and modern!

It really set off the the wall sconces that I had installed to match in the kitchen and I think that it was that little touch that really made my kitchen feel like it was actually mine instead of the former owner's.

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