Monday, September 13, 2010

Junior's Aching Back

 Junior has been doing a lot of work over at my mom's house lately, He has ripped out her kitchen cabinets and the walls in her dining room.  It has been a long process, and along the way he has developed some aches and pains.  A friend suggested we order tramadol online without prescription to help relieve some of his back pain. They said this muscle relaxer should help him feel better.  Junior is like me, though, and would rather take as little medicine as possible.  I have a feeling he might change his mind next weekend, though, because that is when the new cabinets and counter tops are going to be installed.

By him.


B Boys Mom said...

I hope his back is feeling better. It's no fun when your back hurts.

jenn said...

Tammy ~ he is...but he now has the cold I had, so he's pretty miserable.