Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Cookie Cell

Kais had to do a project for science class, and she had several options. She could choose between a written report, a power point, or an edible creation. Of course, she chose the edible one. She told me last week that she wanted to make cookies. All she had to do was draw a cell on the top of a sugar cookie with icing. Sounded easy enough.

Until the night before last, when she showed me the picture of the cell she needed to draw. It was insanely intricate, and there was no way she would be able to draw it on one cookie.

So Junior helped her figure out how to make a 3D version using several different sizes and colors of cookies. I have to admit, it came out pretty awesome.

She took it to school today, and came home proud of the 100 she received on it. As usual, I am so proud of her!

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Karen said...

That looks terrific. I think she deserved a 100!