Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finding A Fun Way To Exercise

The time has come. I am ready to get into an exercise program and lose some of this weight. For good this time. I am so tired of losing only to gain it right back. The 42 pounds I lost last year are still lost. Well, at least most of them are. I gained back four pounds during the move because we were eating out so much. But, I am now determined to lose them again, plus some.

I have tried all kinds of programs in the past, from low fat to low carb. By trying everything, I know what works for me, and that is exercise. It doesn't matter what program; I use if I don't exercise I won't lose weight. This leads me to my current problem, finding an exercise that is fun, and that I will want to do. I can Jump Away The Pounds, which sounds pretty fun. I even found coupon codes for Trampolines Plus, which I can use to buy one of those mini trampolines. I used to have one, but when we moved from the house two years ago, it somehow got left behind.

I am hoping that I can lose more weight before it is bathing suit season. My mom's new house has an in ground pool, so you know where I will be spending a lot of my time. Swimming is also good exercise, so that's a bonus, too.

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Beadwright said...

You got it. Move move move is the key to loosing wieght. A good food program that works for you is key too. Just do it you will feel better.
I am 3 pounds from my goal wieght