Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Found The Coolest Yoyo

Ryan and Brandi both have birthdays right before Christmas. Most years, if they get money for their birthdays, we have them put it up until after Christmas, that way they can wait to see what Santa brings before buying anything for themselves.

Christmas has come and gone, and they are both itching to spend their money. Ryan is going to buy a laptop, and Brandi wants a yoyo. Last year there was some guy who came to their school to do magic, and one of the things she liked best were his yoyo tricks. She said that she wanted to learn how to do some tricks herself, but all she had to practice with was an old yoyo from a gum ball machine. As you can imagine, the thing was a piece of garbage, so I promised her I would find her a real yoyo to play with.

Up until last week, I totally forgot. She reminded me of my promise, which led me to an online search, because I just don't know what store around here carries good yoyos. I ended up finding this pretty cool looking red one, and she said she really likes it. It is an intermediate yoyo, so she should be able to learn some pretty neat tricks with it. I will also save some money, because the site I found it on,, offers free shipping to everyone.

The only thing holding me back from buying it now is the move. Once I know our new address, I will be placing my order. I can not wait to see if Brandi can figure out how to do all the tricks she wants to.

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