Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Riding In Cars With Boys

I keep forgetting how many movies Brittany Murphy is in. I remember watching this movie a long time ago, and when I caught it on one of the premium networks, I sat down and watched again.

And realized that I didn't remember a thing about the movie.

It's about Beverly, Drew Barrymore, a 15 year old girl who ends up pregnant in 1965. She marries her boyfriend (reluctantly) and spends the next ten or so years of her life trying to live the life she thinks she deserves. She is an awful mother, and treats her kid more like an equal, and he ends up taking care of her most of the time. There were seriously times I wanted to reach through the screen and slap the crap out of her.

Her best friend Fay, played by Murphy, finds herself in the same situation, and the girls vow to raise their daughters as best friends, only Bev has a boy. You can use your imagination and figure out how the movie ends.

A chick flick, most definitely, but it will probably be another few years before I sit and watch it again.

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